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Face Milky Cream Sunscreen


  • SPF 50+ UV Protection 
  • Moisturizing effects
  • Giving your skin a smooth texture
  • Natural 
  • Radiant look
  • SPF 50
  • 紫外线防护
  • 保湿功效
  • 呈现自然
  • 容光焕发的外观
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contains Vitamin E, Collagen and Edelweiss Flower Extract, with SPF 50+ UV protection

Nagano Face Milky Cream Sunscreen with SPF 50+ UV Protection is an advanced facial sunscreen formulated with a light mineral cream to provide protection against the sun and any damage caused by free radicals. It is an oil-free formula with moisturizing effects, giving your skin a smooth texture with a natural and radiant look. Use Nagano Face Milky Cream Sunscreen to protect your skin all day long. 

  • UVA-UVB protection  
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Protects against sun-induced skin damage
  • Non-greasy and Oil-Free Formula
  • Suitable for all skin types

Direction for use:

Apply daily on face and neck under make-up or before exposure to sunlight.

Capacity / Volume: 20 ml



含有维他命E, 胶原 以及雪绒花的天然精华,同时间具有SPF 50+ 紫外线防护

Nagano 乳白色的脸部防嗮霜具有SPF 50+ 紫外线防护,并采用了先进的面部防晒配方。这加入了少许的矿物质,以对抗阳光的暴晒,并阻止自由基所带来的任何伤害。这采纳无油配方并具有保湿功效,赋予您一个光滑质感的肌肤,呈现自然和容光焕发的外观。使用Nagano 乳白色的脸部防嗮霜可全天候呵护您的肌肤。

  • UVA -UVB 防护
  • 滋润肌肤
  • 防止日晒引起的皮肤损伤
  • 油腻且无油配方
  • 适合所有肌肤











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